About my work

During sessions for the first FS Records CD release, Fantasia.

Recording classical music is often looked upon as a ‘dark art’ – it is, indeed, a complex and multi-faceted process, bringing together various skill-sets from different spheres: the editor’s eye for detail, the analyst’s ear & understanding, the performer’s expressive instinct, and the technical knowledge gained both from study and extensive first-hand experience of tried and tested classical recording techniques.

I am excited to now be able to utilise all of these areas of experience, as well as the latest in audio recording technology and industry-standard DAW software, to create digital recordings of the highest quality, and yet on the sort of highly accessible budget that would not have been possible even 10 years ago.

I am now offering my services as an engineer & producer of classical and jazz session and live recording within the Cornwall area (and further afield when my schedule permits). I handle all aspects of recording myself, from engineering and producing the sessions at the start of the process, right through to editing & mixing, mastering, and artwork design, including session photography (where relevant), and promotional videography.

This continuity, gained from oversight and control of the entire process, helps to ensure a balanced overall sound and feel for projects, and to develop a close working relationship with the artist(s). I have been a participant in over a dozen commercial CD recordings and live radio broadcasts to date, and draw on my considerable experience from the performer’s perspective. My upcoming projects include Fantasia: Lute music of the 16th century, a CD of solo lute music to be recorded by lutenist Martin Shepherd this Summer.

The performers rehearse during sessions for Alex Woolf’s Jeremiad, July 2017.

I am available to record demo tracks / audition tapes for conservatoire or university admission, personal ‘passion projects’, as well as live concerts/recitals and larger CD/EP projects. I am happy to see a project through from start to finish, or to handle any single aspect of the process as required. Get in touch with me via my contact form if you want to discuss a project of any size.