About my work

As a professional musician I bring considerable experience to bear on my recordings, having participated in over a dozen commercial CD projects as well as numerous live radio broadcasts on BBC Radio 3. I founded FS Records in the Autumn of 2018 in order to further organise my existing recording activities, and to release and promote my first commercial release: Fantasia: Lute music of the 16th century, a CD of solo lute music by lutenist Martin Shepherd released in November 2018. For more information about me, please see my biography.

I am available to record demo tracks / audition tapes for conservatoire or university admission, personal ‘passion projects’, as well as live concerts/recitals and larger CD/EP projects. I am happy to see a project through from start to finish, or to handle any single aspect of the process as required.

 What I offer

  • Live concert recording
  • Balance engineer services
  • Producer services
  • Demo & audition tapes/videos
  • EP and CD projects (complete service)
  • Digital-only recording packages (engineering, producing or both)
  • High-definition audio capture up to 96KHz
  • Up to 32-bit digital editing, mixing & masteringAudio repair & restoration (from digital files)
  • CD artwork & packaging design
  • Session photography
  • Graphic design work for promotional advertising
  • Promotional videography (up to 1080p HD)