Product Review: Saal Digital wall-covering

I was really pleased to take delivery recently of a review copy of a new wall-covering by Saal Digital – they sell a range of wall-coverings you can print your photos and other artwork on. I went for a 5mm PVC board with aluminium backing frame, and was not disappointed.
The design process through their proprietary software works well, and of course can still work even when you have no internet connection.
It arrived quickly, and very well packaged in layers of thick cardboard, and therefore completely undamaged.
Having been concerned that the 5mm board (they also offer 10mm) would be too thin/flexible, I needn’t have worried. The stiffness of the board is really excellent, as is the resolution of the print, which has a nice matte/slightly satin finish. The colour rendition is also really faithful, and all the details of the original image have been preserved really well.
This product, including £5.95 P&P would have cost me £45.90, but Saal are very kindly offering a £50 voucher to anyone who will review their products. I do think this is good value, and certainly less bulky than canvas.
Top marks Saal Digital UK! This comes highly recommended.
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