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Product Review: Saal Digital wall-covering

I was really pleased to take delivery recently of a review copy of a new wall-covering by Saal Digital – they sell a range of wall-coverings you can print your photos and other artwork on. I went for a 5mm PVC board with aluminium backing frame, and was not disappointed.

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Approaches to landscapes

Before moving to Cornwall, I’d never shot landscapes at all really, and certainly not systematically. There are a very few images I took many years ago, like this one in France from 2007, that shows the beginnings of an appreciation of shape and light, if not composition particularly.

Sunset towards Roscoff

In fact,

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On ‘An Equal Music’ by Vikram Seth

I finished reading the aforementioned novel recently. I don’t do a lot of reading for pleasure, only sporadically and generally only when someone physically shoves a book under my nose, and then mostly on trains. Practically everywhere is at least a 5+ hour train ride from this part of the world,

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Tallis’s Miserere Nostri – Beauty in structure

It’s often said of J S Bach’s works in particular that they’re ‘too academic’, ‘too boring’, and yet nothing could be further from the truth. Tallis shows us in his strangely-scored if beautiful Miserere Nostri (à 7) that it’s possible to marry broad brush strokes of harmony with intricately conceived counterpoint.

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